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First try with silver clay by ihni First try with silver clay by ihni
Yeah, so, a few days ago I went on a basic course in how to use silver clay (PMC - precious metal clay, or something like that), because I've been wanting to do that for AGES and they FINALLY had a course in my town.

It was two nights in a row. VERY expensive (I'm talking FoodForTwoMonths-kinda cash). And I was a bit ... discouraged, at first.

See, I've dreamed about everything I would do with silver clay if I knew how to do it since I first heard about it, so I had LOTS of ideas ... only when I got there, I found out that there were assignments we were supposed to do. Sigh. So, suppressing my urges to go CRAZY with the clay, I tried to do what I was told ...

The first image, in the top left corner, is me doing what I'm told. We used silver clay slip and a brush and put it on a leaf. Oooh, very exciting. Not. Oh well, it turned out all right, and I'm sure I can give it to someone for Christmas.

The second image, in the top right corner, is me doing what I'm told but twisting their words around and thus doing something else anyway. We were supposed to do a kind of bead ... and use patterns and stuff. I don't like to use readily made patterns, it feels like cheating, so I just wrote on it with a needle in stead.

The third image, in the bottom left corner, is just an eternity symbol I made with a piece of clay I had left. It's nothing, really. Then I wrote my name on it, just ... because. I don't know.

The fourth image, in the bottom right corner, is me basically ignoring what we were supposed to do. Or no, ADAPTING, really. We were supposed to use a shape (I did that; a square) and we were supposed to put a stone in it (I did that too). Other than that? I made it up.

Now, the design of that last one is PROBABLY NOT MINE! See, I am PRETTY SURE I've seen something like it somewhere ... probably on Deviantart, since I see so much interesting stuff here ... and it must have been awesome, because it got stuck in my brain and it's been itching there ever since. So, if you come across something that reminds you of this, it's probably where I got inspiration from (and if you do, will you please link me to it? I haven't found it since that time when I first saw it, and I'd like to give proper credit).

It's either that, or I dreamt it. :S And my dreams are usually weirder than that.

Sooooooo ... there is another course in November, but I'm not attending that. I spent the money on silver clay tools in stead, so I can do it at home. So hopefully, there'll be more of this in the future.


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arthawk87 Featured By Owner Oct 10, 2010   Traditional Artist
OMG, LOVE IT!!!!! Especially the one with the arrow that says "up" :D! That shape reminds me of something made in the medieval times. And the dragon's eye looks so great, unfortunately I don't know where you could have had the idea from.

And I had no idea you could buy silver clay and do stuff like this on your own.... (Hmm, that would be a great idea for a birthday gift - I always struggle with that, never know what to give....). How small are they? I would love to see more of these, see what you do when you don't "have to do what you're told" :D!
Yuusaku Featured By Owner Oct 10, 2010
Otroligt fina smycken! De måste ha varit väldigt roligt att framställa dem! :)
Bra gjort! :)
Deryllithe Featured By Owner Oct 8, 2010
Ett väldigt intressant material, eller hur? ;)
ihni Featured By Owner Oct 9, 2010
Ja, verkligen, det ska bli kul att se exakt vad man kan göra med det, egentligen ... :p Jag har tjuvkikat lite i ditt galleri; håller du på med silverlera också, eller är det andra tekniker?
Deryllithe Featured By Owner Oct 10, 2010
Jag har gjort två Tors hammare i silverlera, övrigt har jag hållit på med mer traditionella tekniker.
miinjaa Featured By Owner Oct 8, 2010
awesome :o :D
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