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May 30, 2010
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Wonderlanding by ihni Wonderlanding by ihni
Ah, Jeff, where to begin ...?

First of all, I might as well note that I'm not portraying myself as THE Cheshire cat (you don't mess with perfection). I can't draw myself as THE Cheshire cat, obviously, because THE Cheshire cat already exists there. I'm just A Cheshire cat. And not a very smiling one either, although that might be understandable, considering what I've just been through ... in the, you know ... picture up there. *points upwards*

Now when that's cleared up ... I love Tim Burton's movies, so I was happy to read that there was going to be a contest about Alice in Wonderland. But admittedly, first I didn't feel inspired at all.

Inspiration didn't strike until I thought "Wonderland ... -ing". Hm. "Nice wonderlanding". And then my mind went into overdrive, because in order to LAND, you must first be flying, or falling, and falling kinda sorta fit the theme, so ... yeah. But I couldn't decide how I wanted to portray it, because suddenly I had all these ideas and my mind just wouldn't. shut. off. so I decided to make them all. Just to shut my brain up.

So, here's what I did:

First part; played in Photoshop with pictures. Kinda like one of those cut-and-glue-thingies you made when you were a kid and went to kindergarten, only made in Photoshop. And yes, that's me, and yes, I do work in a paint store. THAT particular paint store, too.

Second part: Drew lines by hand, scanned them, coloured in Photoshop.

Third part: Acrylics on ... canvas board? Yeah, that. I googled some pictures to have as a reference when I drew the bubbles, because honestly, it's not enough to drop stuff into the bathtub and try to figure out how they look. Yes, I tried it. <_<

Fourth part: Speed painting done in Photoshop. Same thing goes with swirls as with bubbles - photographs help as references. I especially looked at this deviation: [link]

Fifth part: Cut out pieces of paper. I mentioned I worked in a paint store, right? Yeah, well, we have this wall of lovely colour samples (or is it called "shades" in English?), and I ... err ... borrowed a few of those. And cut them up. And then glued them together.

Sixth part: An ink wash! The third time in my life I'm doing one of those ... and I still fail. *deep sigh* Oh well. For a reference there, I took pictures of myself hanging upside down on the kitchen table. Not comfortable at all. And then my feet were kinda hidden behind the table, so I looked at this deviation: [link] when I drew the legs. Very good stock, by the way.

Seventh part: Clay and acrylics. I work WAY too little with clay, but hey, at least it's a start. I don't ... really know what I was thinking here. But I couldn't NOT do it.

Eight part: Hereís where it gets interesting! Itís water colour on paper, done in what I hope at least resemblance manga-style Ö You should be able to tell from the huge eyes. Iím not to sure of the rest of her Ö err, me Ö but it was something I havenít done before, and Iím kinda pleased with the result. Way to go me.

Ninth part: And the interesting-ness continues! This is coloured pencils on a nature-coloured paper, with a border of white acrylics. But! Iíve never tried drawing realism like this before, and it was much fun. LESS fun was to take the reference pictures Ö The only place where I could hang upside down in my apartment (I donít do stuff half way when Iíve got my mind set on something Ö) is the ladder up to my bed (itís one of those things that has a desk underneath it, so itís up right under the ceiling). Now, my camera has a ten second delay Ö which meant that in ten seconds, I had to press the button, run to the bed, climb up the ladder and hang myself upside down on it. And then pose. Ö Iím glad no one saw me. Once, I got stuck with a foot and barely got down. In the end, I had to use parts from five different photos. Iím pretty sure I sprained something or something. Ah, suffering for art Ö (This one's going on my wall as soon as I can find a frame, btw)

Tenth part: Ah, yes, another one drawn in Photoshop. I found a great tutorial for the cloud thingies here: [link] and then another tutorial for the lightning (to separate the two parts): [link] Yay for Deviantart and learning new things! Who knew lightning could turn you into a cat?

Eleventh part: Realism. Falling cat. Pencil on paper. I googled for an image, and found a few that I looked at to get all the stuff in the right places Ö I donít own a cat, and even if I did, Iím not sure Iíd throw it up in the air so I could watch it fall down for reference (even though they DO say that cats always land on their feet Ö). Iíve also come to the conclusion that I suck at drawing cats. I just donít have the patience to work on the fur.

Twelfth part: Photoshop again. Layers of colour, no lines.

Thirteenth part: just a sketch. I could have worked more on it, but I kinda liked it as it was. Iím pretty sure Iíd have that exact expression if Iíd fallen down a puddle of paint, gotten turned into a cat and crashed painfully into the ground of an unknown land. And a not very graceful (wonder-)landing either, just my luck.

Fourteenth (and last!) part: Photoshop. I painted the Cheshire cat first, all in one layer, and that was all good and well (have finally figured out what ďflowĒ means!) because it actually reminds me of the cat from the movie. He was totally (ďÖ like, TOTALLY Ė giggle!Ē *does girly impression, just because I HAVE to*) my favourite character in that movie (which was why I wanted to portray myself as him Ö but he rules so much, so I couldnít BE him, I just wanted to MEET him). The main reason for that was that he scared the crap out of my friend, whom I went to see the movie with. Every time he showed up on screen, she shuddered and turned to me and whispered ďHe scares me Ö help!Ē. He he heh. He IS kinda scary. But cool. But scary. Anyway, then it was time to draw myself as a cat. And Iíd like to say that itís supposed to look like that Ö but the truth is that I just wanted to get it DONE because JEFF knows how many hours Iíve spent on this entire thing and damnit, I want it out of my head so I can spend time doing other things, like cleaning the apartment or watch TV and eat cheese doodles Ö mmm, cheese doodles Ö so I just got lazy. There, I said it.

Anyhooo, after that, it was just putting all of it together. A few lines here, some blurring there, a touch up in a third place Ö stuff like that. I could have worked more on that part too, but Ö yeah. I didnít.

All in all? Iím glad that itís done. Result? Eh. Some parts are good. But I think the IDEA was good! Just IMAGINE what someone who could actually do these things WELL could have done!

Thatís it! HAHA! Iím DONE! Cheese doodles, here I come!
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Fluffytheartist Featured By Owner Jun 8, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
Hilarious, :D.
SJGILJ Featured By Owner Oct 16, 2011  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Awesome *_*
aradia430 Featured By Owner Jan 31, 2011
woooooooow so many styles of drawing! did you get into the finalists?
ihni Featured By Owner Feb 1, 2011
Nope, but it was fun to make nontheless.
Sleepwalks Featured By Owner Nov 3, 2010  Professional Digital Artist
Wowsa, such a cool idea. :D Looks awesome!
rainbowbunniez Featured By Owner Jun 29, 2010
that is SO creative! <3
SandraHultsved Featured By Owner Jun 25, 2010  Professional Traditional Artist
Featured your amazing work here: [link]
ihni Featured By Owner Jun 25, 2010
Thank you, that was very nice of you. And whoah there, quite a collection you got there! Fun to watch!
SandraHultsved Featured By Owner Jun 26, 2010  Professional Traditional Artist
hehe yeah like I said in the other reply, it wasn't supposed to be so long..:P
Didn't see it was you first, I just saw this really cool work with all kinds of styles and thought that no way just one person can drew all that, since they all are such different styles. but then when I saw it was you, I just Of course!:D
ihni Featured By Owner Jun 26, 2010
Well it was very nice of you to include me, anyway! :D
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